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Hebel, 2019
at Open Gallery in Nashville, TN April, 2019

hebel, the hebrew word for vanity, directly translates to “mere breath”or “vapor” with this perspective, vanity becomes less about narcissism and more about ephemerality. my goal is to visually interpret the conflict between making our time on this earth meaningful and realizing that in retrospect our existence is temporary, a “mere breath”. given that, I hope to suggest implications of peaceful existence and liberated enjoyment, implications that I believe to be equally possible in this philosophy

Wall Art specs:
10, 3-color risograph prints (limited edition of 7 each)
11" x 17"

6, b&w photo prints wheat pasted to 24" x 36" canvases

Art Book specs:
14 pages
8” x 10”
3 color risograph printed

featured on Creative Boom ︎︎︎