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CMYK risograph printed
Printed by Irrelevant Press
in Oakland, CA

saddle stitch bound
edition of 50

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Digimons, 2023
A collection of drawings from experimenting with digital collage techniques in Photoshop.

5" x 9"
24 pages
2 color risograph
print numbered & signed

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Martyrs, 2022
This book was made to accompany the solo exhibition of the same name.

"The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church"
- Tertullian

5*8" x 5"
24 pages
one color risograph
limited edition of 5
print numbered & signed

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In Lieu of, 2020
This book was made in lieu of solo show, during the COVID-19 pandemic. All compositions were made by rearranging pixels extracted from poor resolution images off the internet.

book specs:
32 pages
2 color risograph

print specs:
2 color risograph

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Archipelago, 2020
archipelago is an art book of original images and photos. Playing off the obvious trope that "no man is an island", the name alludes to our separated yet collective mindsets and behaviors and the complicated communal identities we divide ourselves by. Visually, the book aims to convey the density of physical and emotional distance from others and oneself. Images are obscured and layered over one another to mirror the complexity of these issues and how they distort what we know and keep us solidified in our beliefs

Mouse Dog Bird, 2018
Mouse Dog Bird is an art book of original pastel drawings accompanied by poems by Oliver Burell. The goal of is to communicate peace and acceptance in the wake of suffering through balance and serenity. A sense of acceptance of pain is definitely evident throughout the pages in both the writings and illustrations. There is a surrealism that is created throughout, each drawing has 3 parts and these parts work together to create an unknown but subtly recognizable form. For me, I feel that true peace and joy stems from the acceptance of our own reality and position. Whether that be positive or negative, I advocate for the complex beauty of recognizing our roles in the larger scheme of humanity.